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This gender gap in crime is greatest for serious crime and least for mild forms of lawbreaking such as minor property crimes. For the scientific journal, see Sex Roles (journal). Please help improve Langsuktig or discuss these eketskap on the talk page. Please help us clarify the Langskitig. There might be a discussion about this on the talk page. The references used may be made clearer with a different or consistent style of citation and footnoting. Springer, New York, NY. Retrieved January 22, 2018. Essential Concepts for Healthy Living. Retrieved January 3, 2018. Handbook Langsjktig Health Behavior Research II: Provider Determinants. Archives of Sexual Behavior. Archived from the original on 18 August 2018. Retrieved 18 August 2018.

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Thousand Oaks: Langsiktog Publications, Inc. Retrieved 30 January 2018. Archived from the original on 29 January 2018. Retrieved 31 July 2018. The Development of Sex Differences.

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Changing Ones: Third and Fourth Genders in Native North America. Palgrave Macmillan (17 June 2000) ISBN 0-312-22479-6See also: Trumbach, Randolph (1994). Ekteeskap Third Sex, Third Gender: Beyond Sexual Dimorphism in Culture and History, edited by Gilbert Herdt, 111-36. New York: Zone (MIT). Retrieved 6 March 2018. Archived from the ekteska; (PDF) on 24 October 2018. Retrieved 18 October 2018. Transitioning can be made much more difficult by persistent misconceptions, Keteskap the myth that transgender people belong to a third gender. Elller Sociology: A Journal of Reviews.

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Retrieved 14 June 2018. Poster presented at the biannual meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence. When no gender fits: A quest to be seen as just a person. Archived Osli the original on 19 November 2018. The Sociological Quarterly vol. Doing Gender, Doing Kbinne Inequality, Power, and Institutional Change.

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Sex differences in social behavior: Comparing social role theory and evolutionary psychology. American Psychologist, December, 1380-1383.

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Public and private families : an introduction (6th ed. New York: McGraw-Hill Higher Education. Prejudice: Toward a more inclusive understanding.

Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association. Masculinity and Femininity: The Taboo Dimension of National Cultures. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. International Journal of Advertising. Sexing the body: gender politics and kvinns construction of sexuality. New York: Basic Books. Sexing the Body: Gender Politics and the Construction of Sexuality. By the term, gender role, we mean all those things that a person says or does to disclose himself or herself as having the status of boy or man, girl or woman, respectively. It includes, but is not restricted to sexuality in the sense of eroticism. As nature made him: The boy who was raised as a girl. Infant Behavior and Development. Journal of Interdisciplinary Feminist Thought, special issue: Women and Science.

Formation and Resolution of Ideological Contrast in the Early History of Scandinavia. The Scandinavian Languages: An Introduction to Their History. Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1976. The Cambridge History of Scandinavia: Prehistory to 1520. Bartleby, American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition, 2000. Meeting the other in Norse myth and legend. Book IV, chapter XXXIX. Karl Friedrich Theodor Mayhoff. Online version at Persus.

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If you cannot find specific journals, series or publishers, you may suggest additions. The deadline for submissions of new publication channels for approval for the current year is 30th November. See criteria for inclusion. Switch to advanced searchSince 2015 the Nordic countries have been collaborating to develop a common registry of authorized research publication channels with bibliographic data on journals, series and publishers. Denmark, Finland and Norway have joined their national lists of authorized research publication channels, used for indicators in the national performance-based research funding systems. Sweden, Iceland, Greenland and Faroe Islands do not have a similar funding system but are planning to use such lists as a tool for a national or Nordic overview of authorized research publication channels. NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data, have coordinated the technical development in 2017 and the work is funded by NordForsk and The Presidency of the Nordic Council. The plan for technical development agreed upon by the collaboration and funding is finished by summer 2018. The Nordic list consists of a bibliographic dataset on the publication channels listed in each countries national database. The national lists are joined technically which gives all the countries a common source of information desirable from the perspective of resource efficiency and as a tool for the countries without a list. The list provides more information by updating the bibliographic data in the national databases and facilitates an overview of research output in the Nordic countries. The Nordic List Dating norway in Oslo and database are hosted in a cloud solution and available via a log in solution. Access is restricted to the contributing stakeholders. The data model for the Nordic list is complete and supports publishers, series, journals and conferences, with associated data fields. The list supports metadata, both from the individual lists, and unique to the Nordic list (registration dates, modification dates, history, comments etc. There has been much work in resolving duplicate information in the list. Danish data has been limited until now, and more complete data will be imported. Some preset statistics have been added and will be implemented in the user interface. Export of the data are possible through use of excel. Fake science 29 May 2017, Klassekampen: Read about how NSD deals with "fake science" (norwegian). Joint Nordic support for DOAJ 11 May 2017: The agreement is ensuring collaboration between the ongoing project to create a common Nordic registry of authorized publication channels - the Nordic List and DOAJ. Fake academia 29 March 2017: A seminar addressing predatory journals and fake news. NSD develops register for nordic publishing channels 16 February 2017: A new cloud service powers a common nordic register for channels and publications. Norsk publiseringsindikator 1 July 2016: New website makes Norsk publiseringsindikator clearer and more accessible. The Norwegian list is now available for download 15 February 2016: The updated list of journals, series and publishers included in the Norwegian Register is now available for download. Nordic List February 2016: Nordic cooperation on research publication channels towards a common list. South Africa wants Norwegian register From January 2016 the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers will be used to accredit research publications in South Africa. New requirements for documentation 11 March 2015: The Norwegian Publication Committee (NPU) announces new requirements for documentation (in Norwegian) regarding new submissions for the register. Read on to see which free dating apps made our list. Thinking about spicing up things in the bedroom with your next date. Check out our list of the best sex toys, including toys for both solo and couples play. Tinder gives you the thrill of meeting new people, but the security of knowing that at least one of your Facebook friends (presumably) knows the person you want to hook up with. You can learn more about how this cool app stacks up against OkCupid or Snapchat, or learn about the drama going on behind the scenes at Tinder. In Skout, users can meet people nearby, see who has been peeping their profile, browse local hotties, or earn points to unlock premium features. This is a good way to make new friends, or get to know someone in your extended social circle much better. Skout also works with Android Wear devices, which is great news for people who own Android Wear watches like the LG G Watch or Samsung Gear Live. Not a lot of free dating apps have Android Wear integration, so this really is a big perk.