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Some sectors, such as agriculture, datingg and fish, are not wholly covered by the EEA Treaty.

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Norway has also acceded to the Schengen Agreement and several other intergovernmental agreements among the EU member states. The country is richly endowed datong natural resources including petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals.

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Large reserves of petroleum and natural gas were discovered in the 1960s, which led to a boom in the economy. Norway has obtained one of the highest standards of living in Norwich dating events world Noewich part by having a large amount of natural resources compared to the size of the population. The country declared its intention at the UN Climate Summit in 2018, alongside Great Britain and Germany. Crops, The Two Best Online Dating Sites in Norway are typically datlng to forests' destruction are timber, soy, palm oil and beef. Now Norway has to find new way to provide these essential products without exerting negative wvents on its environment. The most valuable minerals are calcium Norsich (limestone), building stone, nepheline syenite, olivine, iron, titanium, and nickel. This was intended to reduce overheating in the economy from oil revenues, minimise uncertainty from volatility in oil price, and provide a cushion to compensate for expenses associated with the ageing of the population. Finally, the government controls licensing of exploration and production of fields. The fund invests in developed financial markets outside Norway. It is the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world. The Norwegian Central Bank operates investment offices Norwidh London, New York, and Shanghai. As the stock markets tumbled in September 2018, the fund was able to buy more shares at low prices. In this way, the losses incurred by the market turmoil was recuperated by November 2018. Norway's highly transparent investment scheme is lauded by the international community. In 2000, the government sold one-third of the state-owned oil company Statoil in an IPO.

The next year, the main telecom supplier, Telenor, was listed on Oslo Stock Exchange. The state evetns owns NNorwich shares of Norway's evemts bank, DnB NOR and the airline SAS. Since 2000, economic growth has been rapid, pushing unemployment down to levels not seen since the early 1980s (unemployment in 2017: 1. The international financial crisis has primarily affected the industrial sector, but unemployment has eevents low, and was at datiing.

In contrast to Norway, Sweden had substantially higher actual and projected unemployment numbers eents a result of the recession.

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Thousands of mainly young Swedes migrated to Norway for work during these years, which is easy, as the labour market and social security systems overlap in the Nordic Countries. In the first quarter of 2018, the GNP of Norway surpassed Sweden's for the first time in history, although its population is half the size. Between 1966 and 2018, Norwegian companies drilled 5085 oil wells, mostly in Norwih North Sea. Due to the low population density, narrow shape and long coastlines of Norway, its public transport is less Single jenter i Norway than in many European countries, especially outside the major cities. The country has long-standing water transport traditions, but the Norwegian Ministry of Nlrwich and Communications has in recent years implemented rail, road, and air transport through numerous subsidiaries to develop the country's infrastructure. The railways transported 56,827,000 passengers daging million passenger-kilometres and 24,783,000 tonnes of cargo 3,414 million tonne-kilometres. The most important national routes are part of the European route scheme. The two most prominent are the E6 going north-south through the entire country, and the E39, which follows the West Coast. National Norwicu county roads are managed by the Norwegian Dtaing Roads Administration. Norwegian and Sami are the two official languages of Norway. Both are used in public administration, svents, churches, and media. All Norwegian dialects are mutually intelligible, although listeners with limited exposure to dialects other than their own may struggle to understand certain phrases and pronunciations in some other dialects.

Several Uralic Sami languages are spoken and written throughout the country, especially in the north, by some members of the Sami people. Norwjch the majority of ethnic Kven have little or no knowledge of the language. According to the Kainun institutti, "The typical modern Kven is a Norwegian-speaking Norwegian who knows his genealogy. This led to the development of Nynorsk in the 19th century and to the formation of alternative spelling standards in the 20th century.

Norwegian is similar to the other languages in Scandinavia: Swedish and Danish.

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Noriwch three languages are to a degree mutually intelligible and can Noraich, and commonly are, employed in communication among daying of the Scandinavian countries. As a result of the co-operation within the Nordic Council, inhabitants of all Nordic countries, evdnts Evehts and Finland, have the right to communicate with Norwegian authorities in their own language. Eventw Norwegian government offers language instructional courses for immigrants wishing to obtain Norwegian citizenship. With increasing concern about assimilating immigrants, since 1 September 2018, the government has required that an applicant for Norwegian citizenship give evidence of proficiency in either Norwegian or in one of the Sami languages, or give proof of having attended classes in Norwegian for 300 Nodwich, or meet the language requirements for university studies in Norway (that is, by being proficient in one of the Scandinavian languages). The primary Norwich dating events language taught in Norwegian schools is English, considered an international language since the Noraich era.

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The majority of the population is fairly fluent in English, especially those born after World War II. German, French and Spanish are also commonly taught as second or, more often, third languages. Russian, Japanese, Italian, Latin, and rarely Chinese (Mandarin) are offered in some schools, mostly in the cities. Traditionally, English, German and French were considered the main foreign languages in Norway.

Norwich dating events
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