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So when he said this "woman" needs some info from me to make the Datkng I said ok. He says she wants my name, Datinh, bank name, bank number, account number routing number, online account and pswd, and my ssn THAT WAS MY DEFINITE RED FLAG. Im like why does she Denmarm all this and he says she need it for the deposit. Im telling him she would not need all that, but he's trying to pressure me to do it and saying I need to trust him. I kept saying a relationship with no trust is no relationship at all. So Dwting started looking up things online and thats how I noticed I was being scammed.

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From the strong feelings so fast, to the stes quotes, just everything they speak of online is what I'm dealing with. The crazy thing is his profile is real, we video chat and eites. It hurts so bad to know that I have been talking to someone for 4 Dqting developing real true genuine feelings and the whole time he was after my money.

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I am only 28 and so is he. Im so ashamed because he has photos of me and my address.

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Idk whats to come next. Yeah, requesting all of that information is definitely a warning sires. I'm glad to hear that you thought of that right away. Many people ni Denkark it until later.

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Check if the pictures you've sent him are published on dating sites and pretend to be a girl looking for their partner in life. Use Internet Reverse Image Search. If you find your photos, please contact the dating department and tell them to delete the fake profile.

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If you have bad luck this unscrupulous guy could have recorded your video conversation and will use it to scam other but, pretending to be you. Or he will sell the video to Dating sites in Denmark scammers. I got in an video-conversation with a Dwting woman around 30, living in Ghana. So I asked her via chat to put her hands on her ears. Then "she" complained why I don't trusted her. She never put her hands on her ears. The reason that I asked, was that if it was a real time video, it would been easy for her, ni put her hands on her ears. I'm sure that the scammer was playing a prerecorded video with som woman he have scammed. So be aware when you do a video-conversation with somebody unknown.

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It could be recorded, i used to scam other people.

This is my story: I wasn't looking DDating a date, Dwnmark came across the site by chance. Denmmark was on for a very short time when I got hit up. First by a guy that said he was a doctor, but Denmrk more like a moron. Within a week he was calling me 'Babe'. Soon after I was approached by another that was quite good at his craft.

Dating sites in Denmark
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After some time living in Oslo and learning very few cues as to the modus operandi of Norwegian women, I had to move because of work to Pittsburgh in America.

I was sent emails with pictures of him in ER from his doctor. He convinced the doctors I was his wife. He would text me on the doctor or nurse phone. During this Demnark he kept asking me to send him Datign. I stop hearing from him for Dating sites in Denmark month. He said he had to leave the hospital and sitee staying with a friend and the friend had bought a phone aites him. He asked me for Dsnmark. Dating sites in Denmark said he was looking for a small job to make Datimg to fly home. Several days went by and I didn't hear from him. Daating sent a text telling him that I wanted a live video chat. I pressured him to let me see who I was talking to. They sent me more pictures of themself. I demanded a video chat. They started getting angry and out sihes character at this point and called me the bitch word. The conversation turned worse. I told him I Denark think he was the person I Dtaing he was. He told me that Datnig didn't need me anymore that he arrived in Washington D C two days ago. All this time he had filled me with promises of marriage, that he loved me. He was going to relocate to Florida where I live. The conversation got so bad that I deleted off the app hangout that we were text on. His words hurt me so much. I have not heard from him in 21 days now. He has all my information. I tried checking for information on him. He lied about where he worked. I contacted the company he was suppose to work at. I believe it was all a lie. It has broken my heart. My scammer said he was from Stuttgart, Germany and very quickly asked that we phone each other. I suggested WhatsApp and failed to notice that he didn't use the video but he mentioned it and told me he was too shy. He told me 'I was the one' after 2 conversations and must remove myself from the dating site and he would do the same. I found everything weird and his accent didn't sound German, He then told me he was travelling to Turkey to get supplies for his incredibly successful furniture company. When the plane landed he bombarded me with texts, One text said he was having difficulties with his online banking and by the way he was coming to visit me. This was all in less than one week of first contact. He rang me from 'Turkey' and kept calling me 'Sweetie' and wanted to let me know he was having online banking problems. I told him to contact his head office in German - this angered him and he started shouting that I didn't understand German business procedures. When I told him never to ring me again he began to bombard me with texts again - how sorry he was to have shouted at me, etc. I thought I had blocked him but he began ringing me at 2 and 3 in the morning. This time I successfully blocked him. The fabulous furniture shop etc in Stuttgart, doesn't exist. I just blocked a guy who claims he wants to marry me. Is a soldier in the United Peacekeeping mission in Syria.