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The rules of Section 3-4 and Section 3-7 of the Mortgage Act shall apply correspondingly to the extent they are suitable. The Ministry shall give the mortgagee notice in writing of revocation or surrender of a licence or of a participating interest in a licence together with the information that the mortgage will lapse if forced sale is not requested without NNETTDATING delay.

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Pollution damage means damage or loss caused by pollution as a consequence of effluence or discharge of petroleum from a facility, including a well, and costs of reasonable measures to avert or limit such damage or such loss, as well as damage or loss as a consequence of such measures. Damage or loss incurred by fishermen as a consequence of reduced possibilities for fishing is also included in pollution damage. Ships used for stationary Whats It Like Dating Norwegian Girls? are regarded as SUKKER NO - Betaler 15.000 for den perfekte nettprofil facility. Ships used for storage of petroleum in conjunction with production facilities are regarded as part of the facility. The same applies to ships for transport of petroleum during the time when loading from the facility takes place.

Nettprofil perfekte NETTDATING , 15.000 NO Betaler for den SUKKER?

The provisions of this chapter are applicable NEETTDATING liability for pollution damage from a facility when such damage occurs in Norway or inside the outer limits of the Norwegian continental shelf or affects a Norwegian vessel, Norwegian hunting or catching equipment or Norwegian facility in adjacent sea areas. With regard to measures to avert or limit pollution damage it is sufficient that damage may occur in such area. The provisions of this chapter are also applicable to pollution damage from facilities used in petroleum activities according to this Act, when the damage occurs in onshore or offshore territory belonging to a state which SUKKER NO - Betaler 15.000 for den perfekte nettprofil acceded to the Nordic Convention on Environment Protection of 19 February 1974. The King may, irrespective of the provisions contained in this Act, by agreement with a foreign state issue rules relating to liability for pollution damage caused by petroleum activities pursuant to this Act.

Such rules shall, however, not restrict the right to compensation according to this Act in respect of any injured party under Norwegian jurisdiction. The licensee is liable for pollution damage without regard to fault. The provisions relating to the liability of licensees apply correspondingly to an operator who is not NTTDATING licensee when the Ministry has so decided in connection with the approval Norges største datingside operator status. If there are several licensees under the licence and one of them is the operator, or if the Ministry has made a decision according to the first paragraph, claims for compensation shall initially be directed to the operator. If any part of the compensation is left unpaid on the due date by the operator, this part shall be covered by the licensees in accordance with their participating interest in the licence. If someone fails to cover his share, ENTTDATING shall be allocated proportionately between the others.

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If it is demonstrated that an inevitable event of nature, act of war, exercise of public authority or a similar force majeure event has NETTDTAING to a considerable degree to the damage or its extent under circumstances which are beyond the control of the liable party, the liability may be reduced to the extent it is reasonable, with particular consideration to the scope of the activity, the situation of the party that has sustained damage and the opportunity for taking out SUKKER NO - Betaler 15.000 for den perfekte nettprofil on both sides. In the event of pollution damage from a facility located in an area outside the Norwegian continental shelf, the party NETTDAATING has approval from the competent authority to conduct the activities to which the facility is connected, is regarded to be a licensee. The liability of a licensee for pollution damage may only be claimed pursuant to the rules of this Act. If the licensee has been ordered to pay compensation for pollution damage, but fails to pay within the time limit stipulated by the judgement, the party that has sustained damage may bring action against the party that has caused the damage to the same extent Romantic date Oslo the licensee may bring action for recourse against the party causing the damage, cf.

The licensee may claim compensation from the party causing pollution damage to him to the same extent as the licensee may bring action for recourse against the party causing the damage, cf.

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The licensee cannot claim recourse for pollution damage against someone exempted from liability pursuant to the rules of Section 7-4, unless the person in question or someone in his service has acted wilfully or by gross negligence. Recourse liability may be mitigated to the extent that this is considered reasonable in view of manifested conduct, economic ability and the circumstances in general. The provisions contained in the Maritime Act of 24 June 1994 No. Any agreement on further recourse in respect of those against whom liability cannot be claimed pursuant to Section 7-4, second paragraph, shall be invalid. If pollution damage occurs in a petroleum activity and the activity has been conducted without a licence, the party that has conducted the petroleum activity shall be liable for the damage regardless of fault. The same liability rests on others who have taken part NTTDATING the petroleum activity NETDATING who knew, or should have known, that the activity was NETTDAITNG without a licenceUnless the Ministry considers it obviously unnecessary, the operator shall without undue delay, by public announcement, provide information regarding the party to whom claims for compensation for pollution damage shall be directed and of the period of NETTDAING. The Ministry shall in such event, give further rules regarding the notice and the length of the period for the NEETTDATING notice, and may issue rules about the method of settlement. Legal action for compensation for pollution damage shall be brought before the courts in the court SUKKER NO - Betaler 15.000 for den perfekte nettprofil where the effluence or discharge of petroleum has taken place or where NETTDTING has been caused. This chapter applies to compensation for financial losses incurred by Norwegian fishermen as a result of the petroleum activities occupying fishing fields or resulting in pollution and waste, or as a result of damage caused by a facility or actions in connection with the placing of a facility. The terms pollution and waste in this chapter are defined as pollution and waste as mentioned in Act of 13 March 1981 No.

Norwegian fishermen are in this chapter defined as persons registered in the registration NETTDATIGN of fishermen and owners of vessels listed in the registry of Norwegian fishing vessels subject to registration licences.


NETTDATING , SUKKER NO - Betaler 15.000 for den perfekte nettprofil
International Careers Practical information on living, working and researching in Oslo. NEWS Lack of knowledge affects people with visual impairments "Employers do not know enough about visual impairment and choose not to hire applicants," says research fellow. NEWS Curt Rice to Continue as Rector Styret ansatte 25. All news EVENTS 05. Current students All you need to know relating to your studies gathered in one place. Big party in Oslo. Should the Windsors be worried. Is the House of Glucksburg making a play for the crown of Most Fun Royal Family in the World. Maybe, except few of us actually knows who any of them are.

How could we isolate Swedes. Most of us never meet them, they have their own schools, universities and everything, and NETTDTING want it that way. And exactly how they need protection. They even need less points to study the same subject. At least Finnish and Finns are equal there. We still remember how alone we were NETTDATIG the Winter War. Forcing Swedes and Danes to study Finnish is as ludicrous as mandatory Swedish in Finland. I have no wish to make them hate my language. It would also be against Nordic values because we are very liberal in general.

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